How to Edit an Academic Staff Profile page?

  1. Login to GitHub

  2. Go to the academic staff profile page that you want to edit on this website

  3. At the bottom of the page, click "Edit this page on GitHub"

  4. Click the "Edit" icon

  5. Make your changes to the text in between "---" according to the table below
    Variable Description
    layout Used internally. Do not change.
    permalink The link to the profile page. Do not change
    title The title of the webpage
    name_below_image Name of the person
    contact_number Contact number of the person
    email Email address of the person
    location Location (room) of the person, in the department building (Ex: 3-CE-01)
    text_below_name Text that will be shown below the name
    url_image Path to the image of the person in the Gihub Repo
    url_*site* URL of the profile pages in other *sites*
    designation Designation of the person. This is used to group the profiles in academic staff listing page. Only "Professor", "Senior Lecturer" and "Lecturer" are valid for now
    is_hod Used to determine if this is the Head of the Department. Only valid entries are "true" and "false".
    on_duty Is this person on duty ? Only valid entries are "true" and "false". If this is "false", the staff memeber will be considered as a past academic staff.
    research_interests Research interests of the person. Must be written as an array similar to a python list. Eg: ["interest1","interest2"]

  6. Make your changes to the text below the second "---". This must be written in HTML and will be displayed to the right of the image in profile page. You can use Bootstrap 5 CSS Classes for styling.

  7. Click the "Propose changes" at the bottom of the page

  8. Click the "Create pull request" button

  9. Click the "Create pull request" button again

  10. Now an admin/a maintainer will approve these changes within 48hrs.