How to run this website on GitHub Pages?

  1. First, Fork the GitHub Repository (this) into your GitHub account/organization
  2. Next, delete the file named, CNAME in the root folder. (This is the file used to configure the subdomain and you may not need it)
  3. Since now you are hosting the website in a directory like https://{your-github-profile-id}, you need to alter the configuration file to generate the links according to it. Please visit the _config.yml file in the root folder, and update the baseurl as follows:
                baseurl: "/"
  4. Now, you can go to Settings > Pages in your forked GitHub repository, select the Source as your default branch (by default, it is main) and the folder as /(root), and hit the Save button.
    GitHub Pages settings
  5. The page-build process will take several minutes and after that, you can visit the people site under your GitHub pages subdomain, from a URL in format, https://{your-github-profile-id}
Here, you are deleting the CNAME record and altering the _config.yml file. But make sure to set them back into the original status if you are making a pull request from your repository to the base repository in cepdnaclk organization