How to add a new Student Profile page?

There are 2 methods of adding a new Student Profile page.
  1. Update using the Google Form
    • This is the easiest method to add a new profile page.
    • View Google Form.
      • Do not update using Pull Requests if you have already filled the Google Form.
  2. Update using GitHub Pull Request
    • This method is comparatively harder.
    • Follow the steps below to add a new profile page using Pull Request
Update using GitHub Pull Request
  1. Login to your GitHub account. If you don't have an account. Please Sign up.

  2. Go to this link.

  3. Select your batch .

  4. Click "Add File" then "Create new File"" .

  5. Write the file name in the given textbox.
    • It should be in "e18596.html" format. Please replace "18596" with your registration number.
    • Example

  6. Copy and paste the code below into the textbox in the opened webpage

  7. ---
    layout: studentDetails
    permalink: "/students/e18/596/"
    title: #
    reg_no: E/18/596
    batch: E18
    department: Computer Engineering
    current_affiliation: Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya
    full_name: #
    name_with_initials: #
    preferred_short_name: #
    preferred_long_name: #
    honorific: #
    email_faculty: #
    email_personal: #
    location: #
    url_cv: #
    url_website: #
    url_linkedin: #
    url_github: #
    url_facebook: #
    url_researchgate: #
    url_twitter: #
    interests: #
    image_url: "images/students/default.jpg"
  8. Edit the following lines
    • permalink: Replace 18 with your batch number, and 596 with your reg number. The result should look like if you are E/14/154,
      permalink: "/students/e14/154/"
    • reg_no: Type your registration number in the given format
    • batch: Type your batch number in the given format
    • from "full_name:" to "projects_done:" please read step 4 of this documentation
    • Do not change "image_url:" for now. It will be done later.

  9. Click the "Propose new file" at the end of the page.

  10. Click the "Create pull request" button

  11. Click the "Create pull request" button again

  12. Now an admin/a maintainer will approve these changes within 48hrs.

  13. After it its approved, Please follow these instructions to add your profile picture.